Cancer Cancer

September 20 ~ October 4    At times, it just takes getting out of the way of yourself, and the gates will swing wide open. If only we knew it would be that easy, we would have mastered this trick long ago. The mind is a powerful influence. Your emotions run the show, but they do lead to the thoughts you think; your behavior follows. With Venus recent retrograde in Leo you have been cultivating more self-love, and now that Venus is cruising direct, you are letting your little light shine. You are also feeling the truth of how your light is connected to an infinite energy source, and the more you plug into it, the brighter you shine. Your little light grows into an awesome sun ray because of its origins. Mercury in Virgo is now direct, and its retrograde tour had you cleaning up and clearing out the clutter in your mental sphere, as well as any space you entered. Now with Mercury moving direct again, you can also look forward to significant pairings with three outer planets that will serve to empower you on the road ahead. Mercury trines Jupiter, the planet of expansion on Monday, Sept. 25, which will have your mind working at a liberating clip, one where you feel positively transformed for what you just came through, emotional hits and all. A Full Moon in Aries on Friday, Sept. 29, pushes you further out of your comfort zone, as Venus in Leo square Uranus the same day. But Mercury motors on to trine its higher octave Uranus the following day, as you free yourself from old attachments that generated ongoing insecurity. The people, places and things that are destined for you are the ones that give you as much energy as they take. What’s meant for us becomes a symbiotic force – when  we move toward what’s right, what’s right moves toward us (Brianna Wiest) Mercury makes its third trine to Pluto in your opposite sign of Capricorn and you feel unflinching in the need to talk about the pink elephant in the room. Fortunately, loving Venus and action Mars are also moving in concert with one another through the first week of October, energizing a strong and tender center that leads to a magnetic sense of self.

Measurable meaningful growth is due to bring a massive smile, because you know what follows. Movement that matters, leading to a triumphant win!



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