Scorpio Scorpio

July 3 ~ July 17

The water feels inviting as we approach a New Moon in fellow water sign Cancer on Friday, July 5. Loving Venus is also in Cancer which has you more emotionally in touch with life and the ways you seek to change how you ebb and flow within it. Action Mars in your opposite sign of Taurus is receiving heavenly rays of support as we move into the weekend with its supportive link to Saturn in fellow water sign Pisces, which strengthens your intimate connections or summons something new into your relationship realm. Truth-seeker Jupiter in Gemini is transiting through your house of the Soul and could not be better positioned to the Nodes, implying that your intuition is the only trusted compass you need. Expressive Mercury has entered Leo up at the top of your chart in your career sector which brings your ideas more center stage and into the public eye. At the very least, it will be energizing a passion project and keeping your work ethics and interest high. For the sign who says, ‘Go big or go home’, this one’s for you. A fellow Scorpio said this, “Always choose the hard thing. Hard takes longer. Hard takes better. Hard takes honesty. Courage. Risk. Hard can feel impossible. Hard can feel delusional. But when you’re at a fork in the road, and two paths are ahead, it’s up to you to decide. What’s more difficult is what’s worth doing. Choosing hard makes life easy” (Zach Progrob). He has a point. It takes knowing how to handle hard when you are pushing limits, and of all people, you do know how to Go -All -The-Way. It’s worth it. Loving Venus in fellow water sign Cancer forms an elevating trine to Saturn at the final degree of Pisces on Thursday, July 11, and no sooner does Venus enter Leo does she oppose your ruler Pluto in Aquarius. This is analogous to having the night of your life in high school, and then realizing you are arriving home way past your curfew. Oy! Another way to look at it is this. You have the time of your life as you open yourself up to another, you can feel yourself falling in love. Do they feel the same?. Can you trust this? Can you trust them? These are karmic intersections but necessary, and can be incredibly Soul deepening, especially when you are extending your trust (again). Mars in your opposite sign of Taurus is bringing all of your relationships into an energized focus. On Monday, July 15, Mars and Uranus in Taurus join forces, injecting an electric charge so strong that it’s going to be anybody’s guess where this energy could take your connections. On the one hand, it is loaded with potential and can stimulate exciting change and new experiences, with the Sun and Neptune at the wings of this intense burst. If something is not meant to continue, it could also bring something to a sudden end. There are more stable and healing waters that follow, so a heated flare may just occur so that everything is out in the open.

Get into the center of it, and by “choosing hard, you make life better, and potentially even easy”!



July 2: Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde ~ Dec. 7: Old structures dissolve and hidden potential emerges.
July 2: Mercury enters Leo: 5:46 am ~ July 25: Express yourself creatively and passionately.
July 5: New Moon in Cancer, 3:57 pm (14:23 Cancer): Nurture your inner space.
July 10-11 Venus Trines Neptune: Higher Love.
July 11: Venus enters Leo: 9:18 am ~ August 4: More love, more color, more sunshine & more joy.
July 15: Uranus conjuncts Mars in Taurus: Channel this energy wisely. Watch reactions. Innovative bursts. Unexpected financial swings, and the potential for surprises. Anything goes under the Sun.


Allow me to flow through you unrestricted and you will experience the greatest magic you have ever known.

~ The Universe

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