Scorpio Scorpio

September 20 ~ October 4   All five of the outer planets are retrograde. Your ruler Pluto is one of them but will be the first of the five to station direct again on Monday, Oct. 9. Mercury just turned himself around in the practical sign of Virgo on Friday, Sept. 15, and will be working to recover his steps from the retrograde until the end of September. However, Mercury has some stellar tricks up his sleeve in the next two weeks, and Pluto is part is his master plan. Mercury is moving in progression, and he starts with the outer planet that is closest to him when he forms a convincing trine to Jupiter in Taurus on Monday, Sept. 25, suggesting this to be fine time to make a firm decision about something or someone. It would be analogous to interviewing two different people for a position. If your intuition is leaning toward one of them, trust it now.  It is also an ideal window to channel your efforts into a body or work where a heightened focus is required. As next week unfolds, the emotions will grow by the day, as an approaching Full Moon in Aries on Friday, Sept. 29, is accompanied by Venus squaring Uranus in Taurus, which can make the very earth beneath your feet begin to shake. It may be too that others are acting in unpredictable ways and their behavior appears to shoot in straight out of left field. Thankfully, Mercury comes to the rescue as he taps into the electric charge of his higher octave Uranus to help you respond with a measured and expeditious approach to resolve whatever has potentially turned upside down. The wild energy meters out again but is also backed by a growing wave of confidence and conviction by Tuesday, Oct. 3, when Mercury forms a power trine with your ruler Pluto in Capricorn. Life per usual; never a dull moment. However, relationship planets Mars and Venus are blending like two of your favorite flavors until the first week of October, and it is activating a behind the scenes energy that is actively building upon your natural strengths. It’s your typical Scorpio way, to reel them in with a palpable pull and a psychic allure.

Do it with love and only good things follow!



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