Scorpio Scorpio

May 8 ~ May 22   You cannot speak butterfly language with caterpillar people. You need depth and someone who can ‘go there’ with you. It may take time for someone to prove they can fly and go this distance. With so much planetary activity in your opposite sign of Taurus, this is bringing all of your relationships into view. Your ruler Pluto also just reversed directions in your house of home and the emotional body in early May, and as a result, you are pulling back your lens to observe the feeling landscapes of what is possible. Action Mars is in Aries until June 9, which can have you driven to fix anything in your midst, whether it’s a relationship, your overall health, or your environment, inside and out, as you are craving movement and progress. The New Moon in Taurus on the eve of Tuesday, May 7, opened a supportive two-week window, sending a fresh-feeling wind into your relationship sails and it’s blowing strong, thanks to Saturn in fellow water sign Pisces showing up to offer his blessing. It may be that you are bonding with another in timeless ways or that someone new shows up in your world and you have this immediate sense that you have known them for many lifetimes. Venus in Taurus is so inspired by this that she too finds Saturn on Monday, May 13, to ask for his blessing to shower you with some additional affection and praise. Mercury enters Taurus as well on Wednesday, May 15, and will square Pluto on Friday, May 17, causing you to pause, perhaps due to old trust triggers. You are well aware that “if the pain was deep, you will have to let it go many times” (Yung Pueblo). But by Saturday, May 18, a quadruple conjunction of planets in Taurus makes it clear that there is no turning back now with someone you love. It is a very fertile time. Uranus conjuncts Venus, while the Sun conjuncts Jupiter, which feels like an explosion of passion, pollen and sunshine. Add some classic rock n roll and you’ve got the cherry on top. Get out in it, feel into it, ride your edges and take someone with you.

The further you go, the better the flow = the faster you evolve!



May 7: NEW MOON in TAURUS ~ Intention-setting and wish-making day, sets the stage for the next two weeks.
May 13: Saturn in Pisces sextiles Venus in Taurus ~ Securing something you value and need.
May 15: Mercury enters Taurus ~ Practical steps to shore up resources, strong for uncovering ways to increase inner and outer wealth.
May 17: Mercury squares Pluto ~ Potential speed bump/stress point.
May 18: Quadruple conjunction in Taurus ~ Uranus, Venus, Sun, Jupiter  = abundance in unexpected places. Sudden new relationship connections.
May 18-19:  Mars conjuncts the North Node in Aries ~ Launch pad for new starts.
May 20: Sun enters Gemini ~ Express Yourself!



Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love.
It will not lead you astray. ~Rumi

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