Capricorn Capricorn

February 28 ~ March 13  What will it take to sew more love into your days? The sewing comes from within, and the places that you pull from to access the colors of thread that create the tapestry of your life. So much has changed, and in some cases, all of a sudden. You knew it had to, and now you wonder where it will all lead. Mars and Venus are only one week beyond their triple conjunction to Pluto in Aquarius that occurred on Thursday, Feb. 22, and while I put so much emphasis on just one day, it is really just a benchmark for the energy that surrounded that period of time. Also, because it is a spotlight for your evolution, as it has energized an entire slew of new interests and interactions that have never come before. So, what will you do with what is not only in front of you, but what will you do with what lives within you? How will you cultivate those lands, and propagate the fruits that you enjoy as you clear the emotional weeds? We do start with an optimal congregation of energy. The Sun, your ruler Saturn, and Mercury are immersed in compatible water sign Pisces, while receiving the benevolent benefits of Jupiter in fellow earth sign Taurus. OK, stop right there. Take this in. It says let yourself FEEL all the way into the ultimate ideal. Jupiter will feed you with a growing optimism involving ways to express your creative life purpose and how it can allow you to expand your reach on the path of evolution. We enter March with Venus moving into a square to Uranus, which will promptly reveal where you are not aligned with another, and you or they could potentially pull the plug on a project. Even with a potential spin out, Mars in Aquarius will get your car back on track and have you moving with a confident speed again by Tuesday, March 5, with its angle of determination to the Nodes. Mercury and Neptune combine to show you an attractive destination with a potentially faster course for travel on Friday, March 8, but by the following day, Mars squares Uranus, just as Mercury enters Aries, and you find it may be a rockier road to get there than you thought. One flat tire and your travels are toast. Thankfully, come Sunday, March 10, a New Moon in Pisces opens a far better window after a door closes, and you become speechless with what you witness. Uranus in fellow earth sign Taurus is also a key player in this Piscean lunar flow, and you begin to feel the fresh air in a new wind that blows following the rain.

Breathe it in, and don’t look back, unless your intention is to observe how far you have climbed!



Friday, Feb. 29, LEAP DAY: Saturn, Sun, Mercury conjunction in Pisces while sextiling Jupiter in Taurus ~ Growing optimism in building a dream. Laying down a foundation for a greater ideal. Take a Leap!

Sunday, March 3: Venus in Aquarius Squares Uranus in Taurus ~  relationship and financials potentially bumpy.

Monday, March 4: Mercury in Pisces Sextiles Uranus in Taurus ~ Communications smooth things fast.

Tuesday, March 5: Mars in Aquarius Trines the North Node in Aries ~ Follow your instinct, courage returns.

Friday, March 8: Mercury Conjuncts Neptune in Pisces ~ turn to healing/nurturing thoughts and activities. Peace-making using talking stick.

Saturday, March 9: Mars in Aquarius Squares Uranus in Taurus ~ more unpredictable tides, potential for sudden direction change. Motivations of others revealed. Electrical interruptions.

Saturday, March 9: Mercury enters Aries ~ Launch your ideas, voice yourself through action.

Sunday, March 10: NEW MOON IN PISCES ~ Rise & Energize Peace. Wide-Open Potential for Healing Change!


I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides,

the place of love and light

of peace and truth

where when you are in that place in you and

I am in that place in me

we are in the same place.




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