Capricorn Capricorn

September 20 ~ October 4   In one way or another, your life may look wildly different in two weeks than it does today, and you just may rejoice because of it. Mercury in fellow earth sign Virgo is moving direct again and will be forming three mobilizing trines to outer planets in the next two weeks. Mercury n Virgo starts with a trine to expansive Jupiter in Taurus on Monday, Sept. 25, opening your heart’s door in a way you never knew you needed. You have been living under your own skin for so long that you have become comfortable in it, yet there is so much more to risk in love and to experience in life. What if this was your last day? (It’s not, but what if?) Mercury is showing you every subtle nuance within a kaleidoscope of color that is possible now, revealing a diversity of all that is on offer in one single moment in time. You can feel yourself softening and opening up to a vulnerable degree, and while it may become uncomfortable with an apparent loss of protection, you will be feeling more much alive because of it. The Moon’s growing energy has you feeling increasingly more sensitive until that round ball of light in the night becomes Full in Aries in your house of home and the emotional body on Friday, Sept. 29. The same day, Venus in Leo squares Uranus, which may have you on the edge of your seat while wondering what else may come. Life can feel uncertain with energies that you cannot control. Something in your midst may feel to have a life of its own, and others may be acting in irrational ways. However, do know that Mercury in Virgo will also be trining Uranus in Taurus, showing you that your heart is not only still inside your skin, but also plugged into a socket that carries a higher charge than you may have ever known. You are tethered as you feel un-tethered, tethered to a truth that ultimately sets you free. A few days later, on Tuesday, Oct. 3, Mercury combines with Pluto in your sign to ground you in an initiation of something desired and brand new. Loving Venus in Leo and action Mars in Libra are moving as one force, suggesting there will be others you can trust especially as you take yourself to the edge of a mountain you have yet to climb. The Universe has your back, and so does someone you love with your whole Soul, whether you are conscious of this or not. Either way, you will feel a cosmic embrace as soon as you let down your guard.

Let it all go!


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