Pisces Pisces

July 3 ~ July 17

On Tuesday, July 2, your ruler Neptune in Pisces, stationed in the sky to prepare for its annual retrograde cycle, one that will extend until Dec.7 of this year. The old structures will dissolve at this time, revealing the potential of what has been hidden. There is something within you that wants to be more fully self-actualized, and this increase in daily sensitivity to the expression, ‘time is of the essence’, has you feeling inspired to live like there’s no tomorrow. Do know that silence and inaction is as important for preparation as the action itself. It becomes the inner movement that readies you best. You are remembering the power of moving from your Soul. This, in place of the mind, the emotions, or the ego that ends up becoming clouded with doubt, interrupting the rise of your human potential. Paint within your Soul, write within your Soul, sing within your Soul, and by doing this you will find yourself plugged into an eternal current that knows no bounds. Be the vessel and the conduit, and you will be the light. A New Moon in fellow water sign Cancer on Friday, July 5, gets you right inside the center of the wave, one that will take simple and seemingly effortless adjustments on the board to ride this one all the way home. Action Mars is in compatible Taurus and aligned with focus and strength to Saturn in Pisces, which is also now retrograde until mid-November as well, and is in place to have you building upon the strengths of your God-intended design. You are going to experience more of your growing potential in the coming weeks, and it could happen faster than you think. Loving Venus is also in fellow water sign Cancer until the morning of Thursday, July 11, when she enters Leo. However, right before she changes signs, Venus trines your ruler heavenly ruler, Neptune in Pisces, opening the gates to a higher love that has you flying high. But with Venus’ swift movement into Leo, she will immediately oppose Pluto in Aquarius, potentially bringing about an earthly test to stay in the celestial swell versus being pulled back into the chaos of the mental chatter. Jupiter in Gemini’s streamline angles to the Nodes for the next two weeks keeps you intuitively feeling your way into your future, naturally and unforced. Keep it that way. Action Mars in Taurus joins Uranus on Monday, July 15, to form a flammable ignition that could have your thoughts and conversations working on overdrive. Genius is born here, along with spontaneous connections that get you in the door. Keep your mind clear, your heart open and your sights set on the highest star in the sky.

Then make it yours and put your name on it!



July 2: Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde ~ Dec. 7: Old structures dissolve and hidden potential emerges.
July 2: Mercury enters Leo: 5:46 am ~ July 25: Express yourself creatively and passionately.
July 5: New Moon in Cancer, 3:57 pm (14:23 Cancer): Nurture your inner space.
July 10-11 Venus Trines Neptune: Higher Love.
July 11: Venus enters Leo: 9:18 am ~ August 4: More love, more color, more sunshine & more joy.
July 15: Uranus conjuncts Mars in Taurus: Channel this energy wisely. Watch reactions. Innovative bursts. Unexpected financial swings, and the potential for surprises. Anything goes under the Sun.


Allow me to flow through you unrestricted and you will experience the greatest magic you have ever known.

~ The Universe


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