Pisces Pisces

September 20 ~ October 4  It’s been a bit of a boot camp in recent weeks. With Saturn retrograde in the early degrees of your sign and back-stepping it all the way to the zero degree mark in Pisces on Nov. 4, you are covering old ground and will be working your way forward in a new way again. With all five of the outer planets retrograde until the first of them, Pluto, stations direct on October 9, use this time to reflect upon the vision you have for yourself. Imagine what you know is within you to become. The retrogrades of all the outer planets, which also includes your ruler Neptune in Pisces, allows you to feel into your natural design and into the potential of what you can conquer and come to be. One day, the mountain that was in front of you will be so far behind you, it will barely be visible in the distance. But who you become in learning to climb it? That will stay with you forever (Brianna Wiest). The retrogrades grant you a safe space of separation between where you stand, and the scene called your life that is playing out on the stage in front of you. A keen lens of objectivity is gifted to you now. Fortunately, both Venus and Mercury are moving direct again, which allows you to make the connections and the adjustments necessary to improve your life experience. Venus in Leo and Mars in Libra are moving in tandem with a reliable step that has you trusting in key others who continue to be in your corner no matter what challenges come your way. And now with Mercury moving direct in your house of relationships and preparing to trine altruistic Jupiter, you begin receiving the validation you need to know you are moving true to course. Passions grow as the days proceed next week with a loaded Full Moon in Aries approaching on Friday, Sept. 29,  involving Uranus forming a square to Venus, creating a world of unpredictability. But thankfully, Mercury is also accessing higher forces with his stellar outreach to Uranus in Taurus, which can have you breaking new ground in connections that has you on the same working wavelength as team of others. At the very least, you will be bonding with another who knows exactly how you feel, and because of this, a certain stress dissipates. Mercury advances to form a statement-making trine to Pluto on Tuesday, Oct. 3, further securing your commitment to an endeavor that you share with like-minded Souls. There is nothing like the sweet taste of victory, especially when you have been knee deep in the bitter trenches. Keep grinding and giving selflessly as you do, and you will get there.

Prepare to savor the flavor!


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