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September 20 ~ October 4   All five of the outer planets are still retrograde, and a few will continue to be for months ahead, yet the inner planets are moving direct and getting back up to speed while combining favorably with those larger forces. Your ruler, Mars, is in your opposite sign of Libra, bringing your attention to your relationship reality in just about every direction. The good news is that loving Venus is moving through fellow fire sign Leo and in harmonious step with Mars through the first week of October. You’ve heard the adage, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” but if you are an Aries woman reading this passage, you know full well what it means to be fueled by Mars yourself, as this fiery planet feeds you from the inside out. Mars lights that inner flame and inspires you with instinctual passion and purpose. So, with the current duo of Mars and Venus moving in sync, the intention is to keep those meaningful connections heart-centered and in greater balance. The visual that comes to mind are two dancers moving in unison to the music. This doesn’t come free, however, as all healthy relationships take work to find a natural groove. You have been addressing some of those tweaks in recent weeks, but now that both Venus and Mercury are moving direct, your version of the tango or the foxtrot can be perfected. Mercury in Virgo will be forming a favorable trine to Jupiter in Taurus on Monday, Sept. 25, which has some of the fine-tuning paying off, and if these efforts are made consistently over time, they will continue to benefit you in measurable ways. A Full Moon is building by the day in your sign Aries, and will finally come full circle on Friday, Sept. 29, the same day that Venus in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus. What this says is, if you are going to take charge of your joy, the Universe is going to show you the first thing that must change. Mercury steps in to offer some freeing relief with its trine to higher octave Uranus on Saturday, Sept. 30, which could produce a sudden, and yet positively charged, breakthrough in an earning endeavor. Wherever you have been toiling at work or tuning up your daily habits and health, there can be big benefits when a disciplined approach is in place, and you will be feeling the result of those steps soon. Progress is not made over night; it is made over time (Mel Robbins). Keep going after it, like only an Aries can ~

Forever inspired by the fire rooted in desire!


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