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June 19 ~ July 3

Talk about an energy shift. Wow, and potentially, ugh. As you may very well be feeling this in your belly. Both Mercury and Venus have entered water sign Cancer, stirring the river within the emotional body, which can have you feeling alone even in a crowd or surrounded by the ones that you love. The Sun enters Cancer as well on the Solstice, Thursday, June 20, at 1:50 pm pacific, so if you are feeling more than your ‘fair share’, let those waters move and come to life within you. Feel into the corners where they are intending to reach. It is important to remember that the deeper you go on the path, and into your purpose, the more you will be tested, yet it is at the very center of your being where the joy that you seek resides. Your ruler Mars, has also exited your sign and is now traveling through earth sign Taurus, which is ideal for grounding all of this vulnerable watery energy, as it will offer you plenty of earthly access to resources that feed you and grant you with a greater feeling of security as you move through some tender landscapes. A Full Moon in Capricorn is adding to this building wave of emotion, and will complete itself on Friday eve in the west, June 21. Fortunately, Mars will be in sync and in step with Mercury that same day in a way that allows for rapid integration of your emotions, generating movement of some kind which becomes the best feeling remedy of all. Mars will be in a range of support to Venus, and will continue to be for a solid week, offering a greater feeling of balance and an ability to attract more of what you want from others. You benefit most, however, by tuning into what you need and doing what you can to give it to yourself, in heart, body, and Soul. Mercury in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces on Wednesday, June 26, which can manifest as an answer to your prayers. Both Mars and Venus lock into Saturn the week of July 1, keeping you in a warm embrace with the invisible realm, the only place where the peace you seek can be found.

When you surrender to those spaces, the world around you responds!



June 16: Venus enters Cancer ~ Try a little tenderness, with yourself and with others.
June 17: Mercury enters Cancer ~ Feelings first, mind follows.
June 20:Summer Solstice ~ Sun enters Cancer = longest day of the year, shortest night in the Northern Hemisphere. Shortest day of the year and longest night in the Southern Hemisphere (Winter Solstice) Access the Sun within for energy and nourishment
June 21 Full Moon in Capricorn at 6:07 pm pacific ~ Full Circle Feeling.
June 21: Mercury in Cancer sextile Mars in Taurus ~ Relief valve for emotion overload.
June 26: Mercury in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces ~ Healing conversations.
June 28: Venus in Cancer sextiles Mars in Taurus ~ Inner balance & relationship harmony.
June 29: Saturn stations retrograde at 19 degrees of Pisces ~ Prioritize Personal Healing and Spiritual Spaces.

Needing Nothing Attracts EVERYTHING!


Surrender to Your Soul, and let the current carry you.
It knows exactly where it’s going!

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