Aries Aries

July 3 ~ July 17

You may be feeling the energetic tendency to retreat now that Saturn and Neptune are both retrograde in Pisces for the next four-to-five months, and at this turn-around they are giving you that permission to slow it down and return to the waters of the Soul. You may feel the truth that healing comes in waves, some are easy to surf and others may feel to be too much to take-on at times. The Universe has your back so consciously surrender as you enter the curl of the wave and you will feel the current carrying you home sweet home. You are navigating all forms of emotional tides right now with the Sun in Cancer and a New Moon on its way, Friday, July 5, and at times it can have you feeling as tender as it gets, so reach for what nurtures you deep and long. Fortunately, your ruler Mars in Taurus is receiving a limitless feeling of cosmic backing from Saturn in Pisces as we move into the weekend, which can have you mainlined to an eternal cornerstone of support, grounding you well in your emotional body. Loving Venus is also in Cancer until Thursday, July 11, putting an added emphasis on your abode and on making that space your sanctuary or a place that replenishes your energy and mind. Just before she changes signs, Venus in Cancer forms an out-of-body trine to Neptune in Pisces to have you reaching for a meditative float versus running after an earthly pursuit. Venus then promptly enters Leo and opposes Pluto energizing a hurdle clearing catapult. Venus will be in fellow fire sign Leo until the eve of August 4, energizing more passion and heart-centered energy than you have felt in a while. Mercury just entered Leo as well, where he will be for the next three weeks, so use this heated lift to fuel your creative projects or to express yourself more openly in romantic settings. Mars follows with a conjunction to Uranus on Monday, July 15, inducing a combustive energy that could ignite the unexpected, but given its supportive position to the Sun on one side and Neptune on the other, it is likely to produce a radical improvement within your immediate environment, even if something costs a pretty penny to make it happen. Jupiter’s easy angles to the Nodes says it’s all about improvement, expansion, and growth for the better.

Find joy where quiet meets calm, and as you tend to the fire within, your natural heat will radiate an energy of maximum attraction!



July 2: Neptune in Pisces stations retrograde ~ Dec. 7: Old structures dissolve and hidden potential emerges.
July 2: Mercury enters Leo: 5:46 am ~ July 25: Express yourself creatively and passionately.
July 5: New Moon in Cancer, 3:57 pm (14:23 Cancer): Nurture your inner space.
July 10-11 Venus Trines Neptune: Higher Love.
July 11: Venus enters Leo: 9:18 am ~ August 4: More love, more color, more sunshine & more joy.
July 15: Uranus conjuncts Mars in Taurus: Channel this energy wisely. Watch reactions. Innovative bursts. Unexpected financial swings, and the potential for surprises. Anything goes under the Sun.


Allow me to flow through you unrestricted and you will experience the greatest magic you have ever known.

~ The Universe

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