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The Big Reveal: 
Mars Parts the Cosmic Curtain!


On Monday, April 8, a Total Solar Eclipse in Aries initiated a brand NEW 19 year cycle in your journey. What was occurring for you in 2005? What have the past 19 years been about in your  life? Energize today what you want to see change, and commit to this every day moving forward.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life!

This was the first New Moon of the astrological New Year, and it arrived in a beautiful fiery blaze. Clean Slate, your choice. Even if that simply means how you choose to see the challenges before you. You can clear the hurdles now. A Total Eclipse can either squeeze the living life right of you or it can supply a freeing wind  that blows through your sails, leading you into the new.

Events linked with this eclipse will continue to keep delivering
and unfolding for many months to come.

Even though this eclipse was something quite spectacular, there is still so much left unseen to the human eye, and potentially still uncertain within your story. An unveiling is on the way now that Mars, the ruler for Aries, moved in front of Saturn in Pisces, today, Wednesday, April 10. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Mars will be touring through Pisces throughout the remainder of April, which may continue to fuel a theme that is connected to the unknown.  Something may be disappearing or dissolving, and progressively running its course with Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac. So, If you are still feeling lost, with nothing to go on, do know that something is silently seeding your future.

Now with Mars free from the shadow of Saturn, the entire stage and scene can come into view while allowing something new to emerge. Watch as these energies are…

of what can be..

It may first require you to surrender your hold on how it should be. Let GO, so it can Flow! While the full scope of your future may have been overly cloudy in recent weeks, now that Mars has parted the curtain, there is more to be unveiled, allowing you to view the entire set versus just part of the stage. Given that Mercury is Retrograde in Aries, it is providing more focus and clarity as you dial in on something and get specific. It also gives you a better vision for what’s right in front of you. As new information is revealed, it is an ideal time for a


Dramas may still be playing out with the retrograde tour of Mercury triggering the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries well into May, so be patient as they run their necessary course. Also, Mars, currently in Pisces, will enter Aries, the sign that Mars naturally rules, on April 30, and will reach the 19 degree mark (the exact degree of the Aries Solar Eclipse) in late May (May 25 ~ May 30) , which means there is due to be an additional eclipse re-triggering at that point in time as well.

Within it, there is a massively rare JUPITER/URANUS Conjunction in Taurus on April 20-21, which is quite the buzz in the astrological community, as this has not occurred in this way since 1941 which was right in the middle of WWII. Given this paring is in Taurus, it will be highlighting our survival, and linked with resources and the environment. Jupiter is the planet of growth expansion. Uranus is a catalyst for such things, and is known for activating the sudden and unexpected.

We have already witnessed recent unexpected earth events, as Taurus connects to Mother Earth, and Uranus, the potential for shocks, such as earthquakes. For ex: How often do earthquakes occur in NYC? Rarely, due to not being near any plate boundaries. Yet, just recently on April 5, NYC experienced an earthquake of 4.8 magnitude.

Threats of war have been ongoing yet they could spike in the weeks ahead as mounting extremes due to polarizing (Uranus) beliefs (Jupiter) widen the divide. it is a fine line we are all walking and more than ever, there is a need for each one of us to reach for peace. Mars is synthesizing effortlessly with Jupiter and Uranus, suggesting more peace IS possible. Every thought and action matters, opening doors for resolution vs revolution. For this to occur, Love must Eclipse War!

These two planets in combination can also energize unforeseen abundance and innovative breakthroughs with landslides of opportunity = Evolution in the Fast Lane. One strike of genius can lead to an inventive explosion.  Together, Jupiter and Uranus can gift you with the wisdom and objectivity to try something new so you can experience a radical shift in your reality, one that leads to a meaningful new momentum in the evolutionary journey of your Soul.



April 10: Mars Moves in front of Saturn in Pisces ~ New future being seeded.
April 11: The Sun conjuncts Mercury Retrograde ~ Re-Set
April 17: Venus in Aries conjunct the North Node ~ A loving door opens.
April 19: Mercury Rx in Aries conjunct Venus at 19 degree of Aries, re-triggering the same degree of the Solar Eclipse on April 8. Venus rules the transiting South Node and the recent Full Moon Eclipse in Libra, equaling your relationship past. Are you asking for what what you need? Listen to what others need as well and then be willing to meet half-way.

This is evolution in action, you can literally watch yourself evolving through transformational turns in relationships when you make conscious efforts to  establish more balance in giving and receiving.

If this cannot be obtained, walk on. You are worthy of more.

April 19: Sun enters Taurus
April 19 ~ 21: Mars Sextiles Jupiter/Uranus in Taurus  ~ BE COURAGEOUS, take risks. Harness this brilliant energy of Mars’ position, and direct your will in ways that energize your deepest desires without hesitation. You will find that when you follow your instinct, a natural confidence will arise.

April 20/21 ~ Jupiter/Uranus Conjunction in Taurus ~ First time in 84 years.
Potential for sudden expansion, and accelerated growth. Money markets could swing in either direction. New inventions, progressives ideas and breakthroughs in science that lead the planet forward are possible. Unexpected Earth events also likely. Energize P.E.A.C.E.

The could accelerate a revamping or reinvention of everything in your life that holds meaning and personal value to you. It’s like discovering astrology for the first time, and it becomes all that you can think about. Or venturing into new landscapes that nurture you like never before, or entering a new relationship that changes your entire vibrational field.

In one way or another, you will never be the same.

April 22:  EARTH Day ~ Planet vs Plastics: Lets recycle. Did you know that 380 million tons of plastic are produced every year ~ while only 9% of plastic ever produced has been recycled. Save our planet, save our seas!
April 23: Full Moon in Scorpio: 4:48 pm (4:17 Scorpio)  Emotionally Metamorphic Waters.
April 25: Mercury Stations Direct Aries ~ Cut to the Chase,
It’s time for implementing the specific details that will support the changes made in recent weeks. Everything is now in your hands to actively cultivate your ideas and new mindset. Visible movement and progress flows from dedicated daily strides of determination. Desire + Effort = Rapid Progress.


Invite a radical vibrational inner shift, and it will launch you into a galaxy of transformational Light!
Look, Feel & Listen…
There is so much more than Meets the Eye!

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