Taurus Taurus

September 20 ~ October 4   You just might be the sign most directly influenced by all the energetic activity in the next two weeks. For starters, your ruler Venus in Leo is continuing to clear her shadow from the retrograde, as she works to regulate your inner space, so your signal is well received from the outer world. She is also making sure you are still starting with you when it comes to nurturing exactly what you need to be at your best, which means to be in optimal balance. It reminds me of when I was young and my mom was attempting to wake me up on a school day. I would sleep in until the very last minute, skipping breakfast if it meant ten more minutes on snooze. She knew that was going to be a no-go when it came to class as I needed the nutrition for brain food. I often won the battle to stay in bed, and remember well running out the door with a piece of toast in one hand and my shoes in the other. Fortunately, those habits did a full-stop once I hit my 20’s. Venus’ resourceful sextile with Mars in Libra is helping you with your well-being on all fronts, and you are learning (again) what feels best in your belly, thus in your body, as well as how to filter what you allow into your mind. It has been a mind, body, spirit overhaul. Prioritizing better habits has been at the forefront of your focus, but also chipping away at a creative work in progress. Perhaps this means scheduling time in your day to work on an artistic undertaking, and making sure you do not let a single excuse get in the way. Mercury in fellow earth sign Virgo is officially moving direct as well and will form a productive trine to Jupiter in Taurus on Monday, Sept. 25,  being a wonderful aspect for launching something new or for getting a good ball rolling again. When Jupiter is involved in this way, it is always a time to expand your reach towards a greater potential, or for travel to places that stretch your comfort zone, this includes broadening your mind through active studies if boarding a plane is not an option. A Full Moon in Aries is coupled with Venus squaring Uranus on Friday, Sept. 29, which brings a spike of angst into the atmosphere, but Mercury almost immediately connects with speed to Uranus in your sign on Saturday, Sept. 30, energizing the potential for sudden good news to fly in unexpectedly. It could be positive results on a health screen, a call from your kid in college to say they just earned an A on their big exam, or that an article you have written has been accepted to your favorite publication. Mercury follows with a trine to Pluto in fellow earth sign Capricorn on Tuesday, Oct. 3, reminding you of the power in keeping the faith.

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