Gemini Gemini

February 28 ~ March 13  You’ve been out on those stormy seas so long you are in need of a relative time-out from it all, as you point your boat toward the shore. The Sun, Saturn, and your ruler Mercury are moving together as one in water sign Pisces and will be receiving abundant support from Jupiter in Taurus as we finish February. Even a few days off with everything on pause would do wonders and would feel as if you have been on holiday for a year. The key is in knowing how to turn off your brain, and turning to the simple tricks that replenish your vitality. Both Mars and Venus in fellow air sign Aquarius just pulled away from the triple conjunction they formed with Pluto on and around Thursday, February 22, and while they are moving together in a compatible sign, the speed at which some things are occurring is going to take a bit of getting used to. Venus moves into a square to Uranus on Sunday, March 3, and Mars follows in her same footsteps on Saturday, March 9, which can be unsettling waters to be navigate. Thankfully, just prior to this square, action Mars makes a bold move in his alignment with the Nodes (past and future), and you feel determined to direct the the boat in an unexpected shift of the tides. Your ruler Mercury enters fire sign Aries as well on March 9, sure to bring out the captain (or the warrior) in you, whatever the situation calls for. Follow your instinct to make a simple adjustments to the sails, and then let the wind do the work. A New Moon in Pisces on Sunday, March 10, presents you with immediate feedback that a respected higher up sees your efforts and wants to reward you for staying true to course, even when it’s not popular, or potentially what you initially wanted. The New Moon in Pisces reminds you that it’s not only dream time, it’s showtime. Put yourself out there a little further and see what gives.

There is far reaching energy at play!



Friday, Feb. 29, LEAP DAY: Saturn, Sun, Mercury conjunction in Pisces while sextiling Jupiter in Taurus ~ Growing optimism in building a dream. Laying down a foundation for a greater ideal. Take a Leap!

Sunday, March 3: Venus in Aquarius Squares Uranus in Taurus ~  relationship and financials potentially bumpy.

Monday, March 4: Mercury in Pisces Sextiles Uranus in Taurus ~ Communications smooth things fast.

Tuesday, March 5: Mars in Aquarius Trines the North Node in Aries ~ Follow your instinct, courage returns.

Friday, March 8: Mercury Conjuncts Neptune in Pisces ~ turn to healing/nurturing thoughts and activities. Peace-making using talking stick.

Saturday, March 9: Mars in Aquarius Squares Uranus in Taurus ~ more unpredictable tides, potential for sudden direction change. Motivations of others revealed. Electrical interruptions.

Saturday, March 9: Mercury enters Aries ~ Launch your ideas, voice yourself through action.

Sunday, March 10: NEW MOON IN PISCES ~ Rise & Energize Peace. Wide-open potential for Healing Change!


I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides,

the place of love and light

of peace and truth

where when you are in that place in you and

I am in that place in me

we are in the same place.






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