Gemini Gemini

September 20 ~ October 4   Mercury is direct! Hooray!! It’s a brand-new day. At least it can feel that way once those wheels start picking up speed on a forward moving track again. Whew. In fact, not only has your ruler come out of retrograde, Mercury in the practical sign of Virgo will be favorably aspecting not one, not two, but (count ‘em) three outer planets in the next two weeks. It starts this coming Monday, Set. 25, when left brain Mercury blends with right brain Jupiter and you find that your intuition is opening invisible doors and having you feeling more connected to ‘the signs’ that the Universe is sending out on your behalf. This is no time to second guess what you are seeing and sensing. I will add this, if there is someone who has crossed over in recent months, you will likely be feeling their presence. A Full Moon in Aries next Friday, Sept. 29, is spring loaded as Venus in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus in your house of the unknown, which could have your emotions swinging all over place. However, Mercury moves on to electrically connect with its higher octave Uranus on Saturday, Sept. 30, strengthening your vibration even further to help you clear an earthly hurdle. Depending on how sensitive you are to energy, you could feel plugged into the astral plane itself, which will have the effect of feeding you with a replenishing charge of energy. It comes down to direct effort and pure intention. It will not happen all on its own. Regardless, it is a good reminder that there are invisible guides and guardian angels watching over you. Let them know that you are aware of their presence, and a personal prayer will be answered in a flash. Mercury’s third trine with a powerful outer planet will be with Pluto, the planet of empowerment, on Tuesday, Oct. 3, encouraging you to maximize your time here by energizing a greater depth of expression. How far can you go to make a positive difference?  How can your voice be of service to others? Loving Venus in Leo and action Mars in fellow air sign Libra are also moving in musical step with one another, increasing your compatibility with others and natural desire to move with love as you let the rest go. Your inherent gift is in reaching people with your words. In your most evolved state, you become a messenger for the Soul.

The responsibility you carry may be high, but the reward on offer is immense!


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