Leo Leo

September 20 ~ October 4  Venus is still with you, with the intention to fill your life with love and lining your pockets with gold. Venus will remain in your sign, Leo, until October 8, so there is still plenty of time to immerse yourself in her bounty. At the very least, she is encouraging you to ask for, and even demand, what you are worth. But often times with her energy and presence, the fruits naturally fall from the trees and straight into your basket. Words that come to mind are loving, peaceful, ease. Venus is also partnering handsomely with make-it-happen Mars through the first week of October, reminding you that when you put two hearts and two heads together, there is not a thing you cannot accomplish. To help matters, Mercury has come out of retrograde, and is forming an ideal trine to Jupiter in your house of career, reflecting the potential for a serendipitous opening that occurs following a conscious effort made. It’s like waking up uncharacteristically early to go to the gym and you find yourself running into the very person you pitched your screenplay to the day before. It becomes ‘the sign’ that pushes the deal through. When Venus is in stress, as she will be with her square to Uranus at the upcoming Full Moon in Aries on Friday, Sept. 29, it can trigger an upset or a sudden unexpected re-direct, but with Mercury in Virgo joining forces with his higher octave Uranus, a silver lining may reveal a far better solution, one you would have not pursued had the disturbance not occurred in the first place. Mercury continues to further strengthen your stance with his solid trine to Pluto in your house of improvements. The next two weeks look like a series of revolving doors where any one of them could lead you into a space that changes everything. Keep moving, keep loving, keep believing.

All good things come from the power of three!


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