Sagittarius Sagittarius

September 20 ~ October 4   You have been waiting on something, and wondering if the surf will ever be right. Will the big wave ever arrive? Half the battle in catching the big Kahuna is being ready when it comes. There has been a landslide of retrograde energy to contend with, so nothing happens fast for sure, and in some cases it can feel like nothing is happening at all. The teaching becomes to return to the inner seas and surf the swells within, and you will  make some meaningful movement happen. Venus in fellow fire sign Leo is transiting direct now and moving in brilliant accord with Mars in compatible air sign Libra through the first week of October, making it a model paring in your dealings with others. In fact, it may not get better than this, so make an effort to do your part. It’s 50/50 for maximum benefit, and a stellar time for working together for a common cause or in bringing together like-minded Souls to connect and grow. This is no time to go at it alone, there is power in numbers. Mercury is moving direct in Virgo as of Friday, Sept. 15, and will be forming an exceptional trine to your ruler Jupiter on Monday, Sept. 25, making it ideal to sign anything contractually binding to enhance your career or public presence. Your ideas also have staying power now so use a practical approach to build upon them. A Full Moon in fellow fire sign Aries the end of next week on Friday, Sept. 29, carries an edge as Venus in Leo will be squaring unpredictable Uranus. However, Mercury in Virgo will be trining Uranus in Taurus at the same time, revealing any adjustment that needs to occur, so you can return to all-systems-GO. Visualize the lightning bolt. Up, halfway down, and then up, up, and away. Mercury moves on to recruit Pluto in Capricorn in your house of what you value and how you earn, to ensure that your steps are realistic and backed by an intention that will lead you into a sustainable future. Every piece of what’s unfolding may not be crystal clear, but the bigger picture is coming into view and your next steps leading you higher on the climb are revealing themselves in the next two weeks. Every itty-bitty sign counts, and each one has a message for you, so pay close attention.

 “Only those who risk going too far, can find out how far one can go.”  ~ T.S.Elliot


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